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Answering one of our most frequently asked questions


One of the most common questions we answer from strangers is: "What paint color is that?" It can be quite amusing when I spot someone slowly creeping by our office, which happens to be located in a 19th Century Carriage Barn. I realize they're taking a photo from the front seat of their car and chuckle to myself because I know exactly what they're up to. But some are bolder than others. They park in the driveway, stride up to the office, and instead of popping in for a visit, they hold up paint chips, attempting to match a color in their hand with our siding or door color. It's rather hysterical. This scenario recently unfolded when Jason happened to be outside the barn. A gentleman approached with paint samples in hand. When Jason asked if he could assist him, the gentleman explained that he and his wife were

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Gift Guide – Tools Edition


Tools Gift Guide curated by our Carpentry Team Are you looking for last minute Father's Day Gift ideas? Or perhaps some gift ideas for a new homeowner? Or, maybe you're curious what tools professional carpenters have in their everyday tool box. We have the guide for you! Every craftsman has his or her own tool box of tips and tricks of course. But when asked what their top recommendations for homeowner, our team created an ultimate Gift Guide - Tools Edition.  From a starter power tool set, to the most basic of tools like a $20 screwdriver, and our favorite spackle, there is something for both the weekend DIY warrior and a carpenter looking to expand their tool box. A note on the power tools: we have members of our team that prefer DeWalt and others - Milwaukee. Regardless of your power tool brand, our best recommendation

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Custom Powder Room Vanity – Needham


From its raw state, we designed and created a one-of-a-kind powder room vanity *All known materials listed at bottom of post* We first shared about CEO and Principal Designer/Craftsman Jason Hoffman's Black Walnut adventure here. Today, we're sharing the finished product of this bathroom remodel in Needham, MA.           As a refresher.... Below is a quick render of the design approved by our client. This is a result of Phase 3 of our Design Build process. Jason then started selecting the lumber, considering what part of the vanity each piece would be used for, paying special attention to color, grain patterns and figuring. From there, he started creating and fitting each individual piece.                 Next came sanding, finishing and assembly. Waterfall Countertop Inspiration Our client was inspired by a few, impactful, powder room photos she found on; see

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Black Walnut Custom Vanity – an intro –


Custom Powder Room Vanity We have been on the hunt for some interesting pieces of American Black Walnut for a custom bathroom vanity we're designing and building for a client in Needham. Black Walnut has always been sought after as a fine furniture wood because of it’s workability, beautiful rich color, grain movement and stability. Today, we are seeing it show up more and more in small batch cabinetry and tables. In spite of it’s enduring popularity, it makes up less than 2% of all commercially harvested lumber in America which explains its high cost per board foot. Our client has this vision, of a furniture-grade vanity, with an extra thick stone countertop and beautiful gold faucets. Along with custom wainscoting, new flooring and lights, this Needham half bathroom is getting a full overhaul as part of a 2-bathroom and laundry room renovation. For the purpose of this post,

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