Tools Gift Guide

Tools Gift Guide

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  1. DeWalt 20V Cordless Drill Combo Kit – If you’re looking to build a tool collection, look no further. We gifted this kit to our Carpenter’s Apprentice Sam, as a true kick-off to his collection. Whether starting in the trades, or needing a power tool set for home, this bag has all the essentials. Only want one or two to start out? Start with the Impact Driver or the Multi-Tool.

2. Speed Square: An invaluable tool for the hardcore DIYer. This tool can simply be used to mark a square line across a board for cutting or be the secret weapon in constructing your own shed or other structure. It’s an interesting looking square (or triangle actually) chock full of numbers, lines notches and holes that all have a special purpose. The Swanson Speed Square in particular comes with the little blue book that unlocks all of the tool’s secrets. If you’re not careful you may find the neighbors thinking your the next Norm Abrams.

3. Multi-Position Ladder – This is the 18′ ladder version, but there are a variety of height options with similar ladders, also found at your home center. Lightweight but sturdy, this 5 in 1 ladder has adjustable heights that can be used as a stepladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, 90-degree wall-ladder or scaffold bases. This is critical as our carpenters find themselves on all sorts of surfaces, executing their task in both an efficient and safe manner. Lead Carpenter Todd graciously gave a demonstration on how he uses it. Check out our Instagram page under the “Gift Guide” Highlight.

4. DryDex Interior/Exterior Spackling: You don’t know you need spackle, until you need it. A critical step in all finish work, this spackle gives a visual cue when it’s time to sand and paint: it goes on pink and dries white! And can be used indoors and outdoors on plaster and wood.

5. Spackle Knife: A compliment to your 1 1/2″ putty knife, (both options here) this is an extremally versatile tool. Yes, to accompany #4 above for plaster, mudding or taping projects. But also can be use for scrapping wallpaper or paint.

6. Laser Measurement Tool: This “tool” never leaves Jason’s work bag. Of course, he has multiple tape measures but the laser offers a timely and accurate way to capture room dimensions quickly when gathering information for new designs. It helps with larger and oddly shaped rooms, plus high ceiling dimensions when not able to be captured with a traditional tape measure. Jason also has used it to measure accurately for installing crown molding with excellent results. Two less costly options depending on the distance needed: here and here.

7. Dripless Caulk Gun: The unsung hero of the DIY tool kit. A caulking gun, especially this dripless one, will help you tighten up those (less than perfect) trim intersections without making a big mess. Use this to touch up the silicone around the wet areas of the home like the kitchen sink, backsplash and bathtubs.

8. Shop Vacuum (aka Wet/Dry Vac): an absolute must on our jobsites. We use it to clean construction debris and dust daily but also use it in our own homes for projects, deep cleaning and water spills. You don’t know you truly need a wet/dry vac until something unexpected happens and you wish you had it.

8. Multi-Bit Screwdriver: Our Lead Carpenter Mike swears by this tool and was his favorite recommendation to make for every homeowner. It’s a 14 in 1 Screwdriver with different screwdriver bits – all compact into one for any and every project.