New Pool Deck and Rear Deck Modification in Norton, MA


Using low and maintenance-free materials, these two Norton, MA deck renovation projects will have lasting impact. Our clients hired us to create a space to be used for entertaining and relaxation. We built a 12×12 deck onto their brand-new above ground pool. As premier deck contractors, we designed and built this beautiful, modern and maintenance free deck using AZEK PVC decking. AZEK has a natural wood look and is engineered to last longer than alternative materials like pressure-treated wood. Lead Designer, Jason Hoffman, worked with the Norton, MA homeowners through the Design phase and produced a simple, yet effective and classic design. Upon receiving the final design approval, we submitted a permit application with the Town of Norton and got to work upon receiving the permit. We partnered with Techno Metal Post, installing Helical Piers for the deck's foundation. We're fans of these steel metal