Westwood Kitchen & 1st Floor Remodel

Part of a larger, whole home renovation in Westwood, this portfolio posts highlights the final, first floor renovation including: kitchen, dining room and play room remodels. See progress blog posts here and here.

A typical Cape style home, this house was built in 1954. Our clients purchased the home and hired us right away to re-imagine the space to suit a growing family.  In an effort to open up the floor plan, we relocated the existing downstairs bathroom, (see photos below) to the newly added mudroom space (more on that in a different post). This opened up the floor plan, connecting the kitchen to the 2 rooms on the 1st floor. One to be used as an office and the other, a play room. We also removed part of the wall separating the kitchen and dining room, allowing natural light to flood in from the dining room, to an otherwise, dark kitchen. We also added a brand new wet bar and bank of cabinets and wine fridge. Separated from the main kitchen, yet close enough to talk to friends while cooking and entertaining, the wet bar is a beautiful addition for any family who enjoys entertaining. Onto the playroom! With the bathroom removed, one can be cooking in the kitchen AND watching kids play in the play room. The pass through window between the kitchen and dining room is another feature we added for ideal entertainment. Again, the opening allows the homeowners to be both in the kitchen, and still involved in conversation in other rooms.

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